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  1. Lisa McCauley

    I have been running a flipped mastery class for 5 years and it works wonderfully in my advanced class but in my other 3 math classes, it has become increasingly difficult the last two years. Our students are coming to 6th grade farther and farther behind every year and the majority of my students are at a 2nd-5th-grade level and I am required to teach the 6th-grade common core. Therefore the work is difficult for the students. I have built in many modifications and help videos for nearly every step so students can be successful independently, however they really lack any motivation to do work at all whether in class or at home. Any suggestions for ways to encourage/reward students to complete their work? We are a standards-based grading school so using grades in a punitive way is strongly discouraged- our grades are solely based on mastery of concepts. I do have deadlines and if students don’t meet the deadlines they do take a poor concept grade but that does not seem to be a motivator either. Frustrated in Illinois….. Thanks for any suggestions you may have!

  2. Barry Sponder

    Lisa, what steps do you take during the flipped Mastery cycle, from introduction to the flipping content to the classroom group space? Do you have a homogenous class or students coming from diverse home cultures? I am sure you have had some successes, what were they?

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