How Students Learn from Video

Have you ever wondered what students pay attention to when watching an instructional video? Listen to Dr. Peter Wagstaff who has some new research and theories about what keeps student attention.

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  1. Thomas White

    Thanks for posting, I can’t wait to see more research on this as it is developed. I never thought that students would be less attentive while giving an example. But after listening to what Peter Wagstaff had to say it makes a bit of sense. Today, we continue to live in the fast food world, examples, give me my food in a drive thru as quick as possible, order my groceries online and pick them up or have them delivered, and give me the answer in a quick google search. So, it only makes since that kids just want the theory, I can see the thoughts in their heads, “just tell me what I need to know.” Something to definitely keep in mind when making my videos.

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