Higher Ed Flipped Learning Master Summit
June 12th-14th, 2019 University of Northern Colorado
University of Northern Colorado

Experience Mastery

You can learn about flipping a lesson or class from many educators, but only a few people in the world have experienced flipping multiple university departments or an entire university. What could you learn from spending a few days with those who have deep insight into the process of starting, managing, and scaling Flipped Learning in higher education?


Expose yourself to the essential mindset required to scale Flipped Learning

Be part of the first higher ed Flipped Learning summit and master class on starting, managing, and scaling Flipped Learning in higher education. Dr. Eric Mazur began flipping instruction at Harvard over 25 years ago. Twenty years later, MEF University became the first entirely flipped higher education institution in the world, under the leadership of Dr. Muhammad Sahin and Dr. Caroline Fell Kurban. Robyn Brinks Lockwood introduced Flipped Learning for ESL at Stanford University. Jon Bergmann pioneered flipped learning in K12,  and Errol St.Clair Smith is the architect of the Flipped Learning Global Initiative. All six will be together for the first time along with 28 international presenters, sharing a wealth of insights and innovative ideas for Flipped Learning in higher education. 
The conference is limited to 200 people to enable every attendee to personally meet, exchange ideas, and socialize with the presenters. Come and add your experience to this exceptional professional learning and networking opportunity for higher ed and K12 educators.

June 12th -Jun14th  | University of Northern Colorado
Greely, Colorado, USA.

Master Class, Conference, and Banquet |  $350

Conference and Banquet Only | $300


Get a Proven Road Map to Effective Flipped Learning in Higher Ed

The summit begins with a pre-conference master class where you’ll experience “Flipped” Professional Learning for Higher Education.

  • The workshop starts with a pre-work assignment that you’ll do *BEFORE*  coming to the master class. We’ll be modeling Flipped Learning versus lecturing about Flipped Learning.
  • The blended master class will give you access to a cadre of 25 experienced higher ed Flipped Learning practitioners. You’ll quickly get the fundamentals,  learn to avoid the biggest mistakes and end with your globallly recognized Flipped Learning 3.0 Higher Ed Level – I Certification.
  • You’ll also be eligible to get a free copy of the new book, The New University Model: Scaling Flipped Learning in Higher Ed. Written by Dr. Muhammad Sahin and Dr. Caroline Fell Kurban from MEF University. Their book will give you a proven road map to more effective Flipped Learning in higher education.


This Master Class and Summit is for…

Beginning Professors

University professors who are new to Flipped Learning and want a step-by-step road map to start flipping their classrooms.
Quickly learn the fundamentals, best practices, and right technologies to avoid the novice mistakes.

Experienced Professors

University professors who are experienced with Flipped Learning and want to update their knowledge with the latest global research and best practices.
Confirm and validate your skills to administrators and peers. Distinguish yourself as a Flipped Learning Certified Educator.

Transitioning Universities

University administrators who are considering implementing Flipped Learning and need to understand how Flipped Learning supports other active learning instructional models.
Quickly learn the most effective and innovative ways Flipped Learning is being used in higher education around the world.

Learn from a Global Community of Certified Higher Ed Professionals

Registration Closes on June, 1st

Reminder: The  full conference is limited to 200 people