International Faculty Candidates


If you are on this page, you’ve demonstrated a strong interest in being part of the FLGI International Faculty.  Below is an overview of the road ahead:

  • Group 201 – Collaboration and Culture Development
  • Group 301 – Establishing the Gold Standard for Flipped Training
  • Group 401 – Trainer Levels/Options/Training
  • Group 501 – Designations and Assignments/The Road Ahead

GROUP 201 Objectives – Collaboration and Cultural Development

I once pulled up to the curb at an airport and heard the following message repeated every 15 seconds on the public address system:

“This is a no parking zone. This area is for loading and unloading only.”

This message describes the purpose of Group 201.

Group 201 is the stage in our quest where we roll up our sleeves and begin the process of cultivating the culture on which the International Faculty will be developed.  It’s where we will upload whatever we want to take with us on our journey together and unload the baggage we want to leave behind.

You will be going through an accelerated version of the process that the FLGI leadership team went through to create the culture of this organization. We found that taking the time to establish the culture solidly allowed us to later move with lightening speed as a team.

Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to engage in some fascinating discussions and experiences together.  Partly because of the topics, but mainly because the process will be very relevant to the common passions we share.

The Mission: Three Tasks

Your mission (if you decide to accept it)  is to complete the following.

Learn:  Explore, discuss and practice the core principles…

  • Hyper-purpose driven
  • Parking egos at the door
  • Radical candor
  • Growth mindset
  • Global collaboration

You will be given short videos to watch and then discuss your thoughts in the group 201 forum. More importantly, you will be asked to immediately apply the principles in collaborations with other candidates.

Collaborate:  We will place you in “mixed”  teams of four candidates. We’ll aim to include K-12, higher ed, a subject matter specialist, and a person from another country in each group. This will be the team with whom you will collaborate throughout the Group 201 selection process. This tribe is where you will practice and apply the core principles.

Lead:  At the end of the day, the faculty members will need to be more than trainers. We are looking to cultivate Global Education Leaders (GLEs).  You’ll begin by collaborating with your team to lead a FLIC group outside of Group 201.  Your group will select the subject matter focus and a name for the group. Each group will explore innovative ideas in Flipped Learning. The only caveat is that each group must have a different focus. You can also adopt a group that was started and abandoned.  Once your group launches, we will announce it to the global community and invite people to join your public discussions. Collectively, we will discuss your experiences with leading a virtual, global group in the private Group 201 forum.


When the FLGI leadership team initially went through this process we discovered that there was much we all had to learn, unlearn and relearn.  We also found that there were ways in which we each had to reinvent ourselves to meet the needs of the mission. Finally, we all had to go back to school to discover what it really takes to be part of a high-performing team.  At the leadership team level, the process continues. We’re excited to see how the process unfolds as we expand it to include the International Faculty.

Let’s close with the “why.”  We are developing a team with the mastery to set the gold standard for Flipped Learning around the world. It will be challenging, but it will be worth it.

**NOTE: We are making updates to the site to accommodate the International Faculty. The group pages will remain active as we make these changes.  You can go to the forum link at the bottom of the page to begin discussing what you’ve read above.

UNward!   (Definition: To move forward in ways that are UNconventional, UNtraditional, sometimes UNorthodox, any “UN” but UNimaginative.)


Errol St.Clair Smith
Director of Global Development

Jon Bergmann
Chief Academic Officer
Flipped Learning Global Initiative