Flipping the Class with Explain Everything & Google Drive

Flipping the Classroom with an Explain Everything and Google Drive

Today I did a workshop for Chicago Public Schools where I helped them think through how to use iPads to flip their classes.   If you are considering using iPads to create flipped videos, there are many tools.  One of them is Explain Everything.   And since CPS is a google apps school system I developed a workflow for them to share the videos they created with Explain Everything to google drive.  (This is also a playlist on my YouTube channel) .

Feel free to share this and comment.  I did not go through all of the features of the Explain Everything.  I encourage you to push all the buttons and see what they do.

Part 1:  Setting Up Google Drive

Part 2:  Uploading Files (ppt,etc) to google drive to prepare for importing into Explain Everything

Part 3:  Using Explain Everything to Make a Simple Flipped Video

Part 4:  Advanced Features of Explain Everything

Part 5:  Adding Picture in Picture in Explain Evertyhting