Flipped Learning Ivy Schools Scholarship

The Top 5%

In November of 2018, FLGI then organized the “ivy league” of original founders and pioneers of Flipped Learning around the globe into a professional development alliance. The goal of the Flipped Learning Alliance is to establish and support a network of model schools that will be in the top 5 percent of active learning schools in the world.  The schools are called Flipped Learning Ivy Schools.

FLGI partnered with National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, and the United Daily News Group,  to identify exceptional candidates for Flipped Learning Ivy Schools in Taiwan and China.


Flipped Learning is a framework that enables educators to reach every student. The Flipped approach inverts the traditional classroom model by introducing course concepts before class, allowing educators to use class time to guide each student through active, practical, innovative applications of the course principles.


Flipped Learning Ivy Schools

FLGI Ivy Schools have completed a comprehensive and internationally accredited PD program developed in association with the most distinguished Flipped Learning practitioners in the world.

To become a Flipped Learning Ivy School, candidates need to apply and be accepted into the program. Once accepted The candidates agree to:

— Adopt the new AALAS global standards for Flipped Learning

— Put teachers through FLGI’s internationally recognized and accredited professional development program

— Establish an ongoing  Flipped Learning support program for their teachers

Schools that meet the three criteria are distinguished worldwide as among the best active learning schools in the world.


Program Benefits

Accepted schools are granted a full professional development scholarship for up to 100 teachers for the Flipped Learning Level-I certification. The FLGI Flipped Learning Certification program is internationally recognized and accredited in the US, Australia, Taiwan, and the European Union. All teachers who complete the program receive the Flipped learning Level – I Certification.  Flipped Learning Ivy Schools receive the International Flipped Learning Award and become members of a global network of distinguished educators, schools and school systems that have received the honor. The Flipped Learning Ivy school is featured in FLR Magazine and is listed in the FLGI global registry of Flipped Learning Ivy Schools. Schools who complete the program are eligible to apply for the Flipped Learning Certified Coaches program (FLCC). The program enables schools to establish an in-house Flipped Learning support team for the school or university. Finally, all Flipped Learning Ivy Schools qualify to apply for AALAS accreditation as an International model school that meets the AALAS Global Standards for effective flipped learning.

Ivy School Scholarship Application