Flipped Learning Highlights

The Numbers

There are many indicators of the reach, growing interest, and adoption of the flipped learning model. We’ve had a unique window on the scope of the global activity through our collaborations with educators, education leaders, education professors and organizations working on education reform around the world.  Below are some basic indicators that give a glimpse of what’s happening worldwide.

The People

Behind the numbers are passionate people doing innovative things with Flipped Learning on six continents and over 40 countries.  We are delighted to have the opportunity to collaborate with teams in Vienna, Austria; Misiones, Argentina;  Florianopolis, Brazil;  Zaragoza, Spain; Istanbul, Turkey; Melbourne Australia; Aukland, New Zealand and the United States of America.

FADE Summit – Wiener Neustadt, Austria 

FL Global Summit-  Istanbul, Turkey 

FlipCON – Zaragoza Spain

ABED Conference – Florianopolis, Brazil 

RESCON AU/NZ – Melbourne, Australia

FL Congress – Misiones, Argentina

 UNC Higher Ed Conference – Colorado, USA

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