Flipped Classroom Named One of Six Emerging Trends in Higher Education

horizionreportThis week the Horizon Report was released and it named the Flipped Classroom as one of the six key trends in Higher Education.  The Horizon Report is a comprehensive research venture established in 2002, which identifies and describes emerging technologies likely to have a large impact in education in the coming five years.  The Horizon Report is published by the New Media Consortium (http://www.nmc.org/), a community of experts in education technology.

You can read the whole report by clicking HERE.  Scroll down to page 38 to see the portion about the flipped classroom.

See the video below which is a preview of the report.  The discussion about the flipped classroom starts at 1:34

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  2. Maura

    Mr. Bergmann,
    My name is Maura and I am a ballet educator. I spent 4.5 years in the public sector but now serve as an educator in the private sector. I am pursuing a masters degree in Teaching Dance and I am ‘flipping’ my classroom for an action research project which will serve as my dissertation.

    ‘Flipping’ seems like an ideal fit for a dance educator! Because we deal with motor skills, the ‘flipped’ model allows more class time for students to kinesthetically engage with the movement so essentially they could become proficient with the movement faster! Seems like a win win! My research into dance educators using the model has been inconclusive so I have branched out into other content areas with kinesthetic learning components such as Physical Education. I have found a few physical education teachers pursuing the ‘flipped’ classroom but not many (Jason Hahnstadt at flippedcoach.com has been a primary resource). What do you think about dance educators utilizing the model to teach new technical skills? Would you attribute any particular reason as to why their are not more Dance/PE teachers utilizing the model yet? I understand the ‘flipped’ model is still generally a ‘new’ instructional strategy- so perhaps maybe dance teachers just haven’t been exposed to ‘flipping’ yet?

    ‘Flipping’ is certainly making a huge impact in classrooms in the US and around the world! I am beyond excited to use the model within my own classroom with my ballerinas! Thank you for your website and I would appreciate any advice or suggestions you could provide before I embark on the world of ‘flipping’!

    Very Respectfully,

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