FlipCon Spain Has Signficant Impact

FlipCon Spain was a complete success. Around 300 people attended the event in Zaragosa, Spain May 6-8. There were educators from all over the world there including Argentina, Chile, Italy, Slovakia, France, the United States, and Spain. The participants came away inspired to flip their classes. They walked away with the knowledge of how to implement flipped learning well and some training on how to use some of the essential tools of flipped learning.

The hashtag, #FlipCon Spain was trending on Twitter with a total of 5791 tweets, an audience of over 1,000,000, and with almost 9,000,000 total impressions.



During my opening keynote, Cesar Poyatos (@cpoyatos) took visual notes of my session. I encourage you to go to his website to learn more about this amazing educator. The images are brilliant and conveyed the meaning of the talk. He also drew images for the panel discussion which were equally engaging. Also, note some other pictures of the event which tell the story of FlipCon Spain. Click on the images to see them clearer or to see the press clipings.

FlipConSpainJonKeynoteVisual FlipConSpainJonKeynoteVisual2 FlipConSpainPanelDiscussionVisual
FlipConSpainKeynoteJonBeBrave FlipConSpainManelT FlipConSpainAudience

There was also significant press coverage of the event with articles and TV coverage throughout Spain.

HerladoDeAragonJon ElMundoJon LaVolzGalicia
LaVolz Expansion

Many thanks go to the organizers of the event, MT Groupo and my team at Flipped Learning Simplified. I look forward to helping organize next year’s event. Details will soon follow. Next up, FlipCon New York August 1-2, FlipCon Gold Coast (Australia) October 13-15, and FlipCon Adelaide November 17-19. I encourage you to come to these events and experience a FlipCon for yourself.

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