FL 3.0 PD Video Roadmap

The Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning

The Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning Table (GEEFL) is part of the FLGI roadmap to Flipped Learning professional development. The table makes the core AALAS Global Standards framework easily accessible and actionable.  GEEFL  divides the AALAS framework into color-coded families, elements, and unique symbols.  The table links each family of skills to the specific FGLI courses and certifications where educators can get support and develop mastery of the selected best practices. NOTE: Click the center of each element to see details and options.

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The Gold Standard

The FLGI Flipped Learning 3.0 Certification program is the first Flipped Learning professional development curriculum aligned to the AALAS Global Standards. The training modules display the AALAS elements covered in each training unit.

Together, the Global Elements of Effective Flipped Learning and the Flipped Learning Certification Level – I, Flipped Learning Certification Level- II,  Lesson Planning Specialist Certification, Differentiation Specialist Certification, and the Higher Ed Certification provide the most comprehensive and clear roadmap to effective Flipped Learning available. The courses are internationally accredited, produced in collaboration with the most experienced Flipped Learning practitioners in the world, and are available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.  The program was designed from the ground up to be the rigorous, relevant and comprehensive.  We’ve gone to extraordinary lengths to assure educators, schools, and school districts that the training you receive is rigorous, current, and peer-reviewed.  In short,  the Gold Standard for Flipped Learning Professional  Development worldwide.


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