International Faculty Candidates

Group 201: Culture, Collaboration, and…

Today, our adventure together begins!  We’ve all been waiting for this moment, so let’s jump right in.

Everything we are about to do assumes that the following two sentences are true:

  • The secret sauce in successful Flipped Learning is redefining the relationship between teachers and students.
  • The secret sauce to scaling Flipped Learning worldwide is redefining the relationship of Flipped Learning practitioners to each other.

If both are true, then we’re embarking on an epic journey to monumental possibilities.  If both notions are wrong, we’re probably running down yet another education reformation rabbit hole that leads right back to where we started.

700 Exchanges

Over the last two weeks, you (faculty candidates from around the globe) have exchanged over 700 thoughts, insights, reflections and ideas in the group forum.  Your discussions have been robust, rich and peppered with valuable takeaways  We’ve watched you impregnate each other with new ideas, and we’ve seen a few gestate at a speed that would make rabbits feel inadequate. You have already spawned a book idea, project ideas, and a new program. In just 14 days, we’ve seen a hint of what a culture of global collaboration can do.

As a group, we clearly have an embryo of something great growing inside of us. What will it take to deliver?

The Five Questions

Most of us have been part of collaborations that worked well and those that self-destructed. So we start with a confession: We believe that the culture we’ve developed at FLGI is transformative. Further, that if we can extend it to (and through) the International Faculty, we can transform education around the world. Of course, we invite you to push back strongly at any time (that’s part of the FLGI culture).

So our first big hairy, audacious mission is to answer the following five questions:

  • What are the cultural attributes we need to cultivate to support the successful adoption of Flipped Learning worldwide?
  • How do we extend those cultural attributes to the International Faculty and beyond?
  • What individual qualities do I need to unload to become an effective member of the International Faculty?
  • What individual qualities do I need to upload to become an effective member of the International Faculty?
  • How quickly can those cultural attributes be established and put into practice in this cohort and others?

The Process

A team would have to be hyper-purpose driven to attempt to take a process that took the leadership team six months to work through and condense it to a few weeks. Your decision to take the leap with us checks the hyper-purpose driven box for the moment.

So our first challenge is to unpack, apply and practice:

  • Parking egos at the door
  • Radical candor
  • Growth mindset
  • Global collaboration

Eleven Tribes

As we mentioned earlier, faculty members will need to be more than trainers. We are looking to cultivate Global Education Leaders (GELs).  With that aim, we have divided the cohort into eleven “tribes.”  The principles we explore and learn in private, you’ll  immediately put into practice. You’ll apply and practice by collaborating with your tribe to lead a public group in the Flipped Learning Innovation Center (FLIC).

Your tribe will select a subject matter focus and a name for the public group. Each group will explore innovative ideas in Flipped Learning. The only caveat is that each group must have a different focus.

You’ll have one week to:

  • Reach out to the members of your tribe.
  • Collectively, select your subject matter focus.
  • Select a name for your tribe’s public group forum.
  • Set up the new public group, here in the Flipped Learning Innovation Center.

On November 20th,  we will announce your new groups to the FLGI global community and invite people to join your public discussions. Collectively, we will privately discuss your experiences with leading a virtual, global group in the Group 201 forum.

From this point forward, each group forum should stay “on topic.”  Of course, you are free to start new-topic discussions at any time.

Finally, you may have already noticed that we have gamified the process to focus on collaboration.  You can see your collaboration points in the upper right-hand corner of your profile and see details by selecting the “points” tab.  The blue checkmark on your profile identifies you as a community leader and a candidate for the International Faculty.   The goal is to ultimately change that blue badge to gold.  More on that later…

That’s all for now. If you have questions, thoughts, or comments, you can post them here or message me directly.

It’s time to meet your global tribe and get started!

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