Flipped Learning Level-I Certification ( IWBNet)

Certification for…

Beginning Educators

Educators who are new to flipped learning and want a step-by-step road map to start flipping their classrooms.
Quickly learn the fundamentals, best practices, and right technologies to avoid the novice mistakes.

Experienced Educators

Educators who are experienced with flipped learning and want to update their knowledge with the latest global research and best practices.
Confirm and validate your skills to administrators and peers. Distinguish yourself as a Flipped Learning Certified  Educator.

Transitioning Administrators

Administrators who are considering implementing flipped learning and need to master the basics.
Quickly learn the fundamentals every administrator needs to know to select the right teachers, trainers, and technology to ensure a successful implementation in your school or district. Avoid costly and embarrassing technology purchasing mistakes.

 Level-I Certification:  The Essentials

The training and certification program was developed to provide the basic knowledge required to successfully implement the flipped classroom model to enhance personalized and differentiated teaching and learning. The Level-I certification program integrates the most robust and current flipped learning research and best practices from around the globe.  Educators who complete the online program will return to their classrooms prepared to teach with the knowledge and skills from the leading edge of flipped learning.
The Level-I certification program includes nine (9)  units, takes 7-10 hours to complete and covers these essential topics:
  • Understanding the pedagogy of flipped learning
  • Planning for flipped learning
  • Flipped learning best practices
  • Tech Tools of the flipped classroom
  • Effective use of class time
  • Implementing flipping learning in different subjects and levels
  • Assessments and flipped learning
  • Selecting the right technologies
  • Taking the flipped class to the next level

Avoiding the Biggest Mistakes

One of the most vital pieces of the training is the technology selection unit.  A wrong technology choice is one of the biggest mistakes that causes flipped learning implementations to fail. The unit was created to give educators the specific tools needed to determine which technologies are well-suited for flipped learning, and those which are not. Watch a preview below:


Ready to Get Certified?

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