The Best Way To Learn About a Flipped Class is to…

The Best Way to Learn About a Flipped Class is toThe best way to learn about a flipped class is to VISIT ONE.  I encourage all of you teachers who have flipped your class to open your doors on or around February 5th, 2014. You will give educators and community members an opportunity to see the awesome things you are doing and how flipped learning is transforming your classroom.  I really want you to show your stuff.  So if you are implementing Flipped Learning into your classroom, please consider being a host. Click HERE to learn more about hosting an open house.

And if you are one of the curious who is looking to visit a flipped class, go to the Flipped Learning Network Page in a couple of weeks to find an event near you.

I especially want educators from outside the United States to host an open house.  Flipped Learning is growing quickly around the world and I would love to see this become an international event.

If you have been a host in the past or attended an event, I would love to hear your thoughts on the value of hosting or attending one of these open houses.

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