Susan White

Flipped Learning Certified Educator

Susan White

Middle School Teacher

I have been teaching since 1995. I taught 5th grade for 9 years, but have taught middle school math the rest of the time. I have also dabbled in middle school reading and language arts. I have a M.S. in Ed. Leadership, which I earned in 2006.

Our 6th grade went 1:1 this year with Chrome books. I had been looking into flipping my classroom for a few reasons. First, I was getting bored with the same old routine which I felt was not working. Second, my students and I had this technology at our fingertips and I knew the possibilities were endless. This was my opportunity to gain the most valuable thing back that I never seem to have- time! Since flipping my classroom, I have had more one-on-one time with my students than ever before. I can work with groups, and get around to every student in every class each day. This was not possible prior to flipping. I am very grateful for this certification.