Stefani Morichetti

Stefani Morichetti

I obtained my BA in Foreign Languages and Literature (English major and German minor) at Venice University, in Italy; then I got an MA in Linguistics – Applied Track at UC Davis – CA.

Back in Italy, I got my teaching credential program certificate and my certificate for special needs students, and a couple of years ago a took course at Padua University (blended – online and in presence) on Flipped Classroom.

I have been teaching English since 2006 and as a sub teacher, I have taught kindergarten kids, middle and high schoolers and even adults in evening classes.

I currently hold a permanent position as middle school teacher of English.

My professional interests include flipped learning and e-learning and I am always trying to use new techniques in class in order to engage students and to improve their learning. In addition, I like to experiment new ways of learning and teaching so that I do not get bored…doing the same thing for too long I think it might be boring for the students as it would be for me as well.

I want to involve my colleagues in flipped learning and next year I would like to combine flipped and clil methodology: with the Geography colleague we are thinking of flipping some contents of his geography class in English…that is students are learning with a flipped method geography but in English (not in their native language – Italian)… I really hope it will work! Fingers crossed ^_^