Saul Morgan

Flipped Learning Certified Educator

Saul Morgan

Middle School Teacher

My training is in Middle School education. I have two degrees, one a Bachelor of Arts and another a Bachelor of Teaching.

I have taught across a range of year levels from Year 1 to Year 7 across three different countries (Thailand, England and Australia). My time in England allowed me to instruct multiple year levels whilst becoming familiar with key features of the National Curriculum. Responding to and using pupil’s cultural and social upbringings to enrich the learning process helped facilitate a stimulating and challenging learning environment.


At St. Stephen’s International School I taught year groups in both Key Stages 1 and 2 where the majority of children were learning English as an additional language, ensuring that I diversified my teaching methods to enable students to realise their potential. I spent three years teaching at Bangkok Patana International School, the third of which I was instructing a year six class having formerly taught a year four class for the two preceding years. Undertaking the responsibility of being Assistant Head of Year ensured wholehearted involvement in the strategic day to day management of the year group. It enabled me to collaborate with colleagues to provide quality learning opportunities within the framework of an integrated curriculum whilst consulting with the leadership group to oversee all aspects of student assessment.


Between 2013 and 2015 I taught at St. Andrews International School in Green Valley. During this time I became familiar with the PYP curriculum and professional development opportunities allowed me to refine and improve my teaching methods. Embedding an inquiry based approach into daily teaching practises through the promotion of transdisciplinary skills was essential to increasing student engagement and understanding.

I am currently teaching at Ormiston College in Queensland, Australia. I am instructing a Year 6 class and have recently begun experimenting with and implementing the flipped learning model.