Ryan Gill

Flipped Learning Certified

Ryan Gill

Head of Teaching and Learning

A passion for everything teaching and learning with a focus on critical and creative thinking. As an educator, my core philosophy is that learning is a product of thinking. Early inspiration came in the seminal work of David Leat and the team at Newcastle University, UK and later working alongside the Harvard ‘Project Zero’ Cultures of Thinking team. I am a key figure in the development of Cultures of Thinking, regularly facilitating at conferences and educational institutions, including the highly acclaimed Masada College ‘Think Centre’. A founding member of the Project Zero Sydney Network (#pzsyd / www.pzsyd.net), our central aim is to share our passion for Project Zero ideas with others by providing free professional learning opportunities for Australian educators.

Having taught and held leadership positions in the UK and Australia over the last 15 years, my current role as Head of Teaching and Learning, has developed to focus on the pedagogies and practices of teaching and learning, actively promoting a learning environment in which collective and individual thinking is valued, visible and actively promoted.