Masato Tahara

Masato Tahara

I specialised in biophysics in Waseda University, eventually going on to earn a Master’s degree. There, I studied theoretical physics of the self organising mechanisms of slime mold.

After graduating university, I became a physics teacher and has published 9 books on physics, targeted to high school students and adults.

I set up my first company in Japan, in 2004, to provide online courses on physics, following my teaching method. I then went on to set up a second company in Singapore, starting flipped learning and facilitating online workshops in 2012.

I am a manager of an online community about flipped learning, consisting of 4600 people, making it the biggest in Japan. I also happen to be the only Japanese ambassador for the FLGI ( Flipped Learning Global Initiative ), and a member of the IAF Japan ( International Association of Facilitators Japan ) board.

I believe that online communication and online facilitation will cause a massive social change, and has furthermore, developed my own method for organising online workshops throughout the years.