Luz del Carmen Vilchis Esquivel, Ph.D. Mexican woman. Professor since 1979 in the Postgraduate Program, Faculty of Arts and Design, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). National Researcher in National Council of Science and Technology Level II (CONACYT). Undergraduate studies in Graphic Design, Psychology and Philosophy; Master’s Degree in Communication; Ph.D. in Fine Arts UPV-Spain; Ph.D. in Philosophy from FFYL-UNAM; Ph.D. in Arts and Design Education, FAD-UNAM; Doctorate Honoris Causa in Philosophy of Education, Iberoamerican Council, Uruguay.

Ms Vilchis is author of 39 books and 175 international chapters, papers, chronicles and didactic manuals. She is member of Design Research Society (London), Design History Foundation (Barcelona), Design History Society (London), International Scientific Committee of Arts at Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO (Greece), Franklin Furnace Archive (USA), Lifetime Member de Worldwide Branding, MERLOT, American Psychological Association (APA), The Professional Association for Design (AIGA), and Associate Editor from 17 Magazines and professional organizations in which she has refereed 234 worldwide projects, books and articles.

Pioneer in Mexico in the use of digital resources for arts and design, she organized four laboratories in universities and taught courses to more than 4,000 artists and designers. Lecturer and researcher, has given 95 courses and 168 conferences in 42 countries. She has directed more than 250 theses. The professor is a professional graphic designer with awards in Mexico, Greece and Switzerland. She has exposed graphic artworks in 147 collective and individual exhibitions in 55 countries.

In 250 years, was the first woman as Director of the Arts and Design Faculty of UNAM from 2002 to 2006. She has received several recognitions: Lifetime Achievement Recognition Academic from the University of Palermo, Argentina 2013; Recognition as Lifetime Member VIP from Worldwide Who is Who Worldwide Branding 2014; Candidate to Sir Misha Black Medal 2015; Ambassador of Graphic Design in Latin America, University of Palermo 2015; Feature Global Expert of the Year Research and Lecturing 2015 in Who´s Who Registry and National Award for Superior Teaching in Graphic Design 2016 by the Mexican Association of Graphic-Design Schools ENCUADRE.