Linda Hochstetler

Linda Hochstetler

I obtained by MD (Medical doctor) in 1988 from Indiana University School of Medicine. I then completed an Internal Medicine residency and Nephrology fellowship. I practiced medicine until 2001 when I “retired” to care for my five children. Within a year, I was teaching at a Montessori school in an Upper Elementary classroom. I taught grades 4-6 (inclusive) until 2010.

In the fall of 2011, I was one of two teachers who piloted and started a combined fourth and fifth grade at Bethany Christian Schools which had previously been a 6-12 grade school. I received my teaching certification through Indiana Wesleyan University.

I currently teach fifth grade at Bethany Christian Schools in Goshen, Indiana. I work to incorporate some of my Montessori training into my classroom including aspects of student choice and accountability through the use of individualized work plans, lots of hands-on learning, lots of creative projects, and creating a caring class community. I have implemented a standards-based grading system over the past two years within my class based upon mastery of the fifth grade standards.

My professional interests include flipped learning, hands on education, and mastery based learning and assessments. I enjoy creating my own lessons using modalities such as Nearpod and Show Me. I love learning new things and trying out new ways of doing things each year.