Lee Olmstead

Lee Olmstead

Education and Certifications

Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Innovation – Wilmington University (current)

Master’s in Business Administration – Management Concentration (2003) University of Delaware

Bachelor of Applied Science – Engineering Technologies (1997) University of Delaware

Associate of Applied Science – Electronic Engineering Technology (1991) Delaware Technical & Community College

Alternative Routes to Certification for State of Delaware Teacher Certification (Masters +15) (2006) Delaware State University

State of Delaware Continuing License 09/01/2008 – 08/31/2018

State of Delaware Initial License 09/01/2005 – 08/31/2008

Standard Certificate Teacher of Middle Level Mathematics Grade 6 – 8

Standard Certificate Teacher of Business Education Grades 9 – 12 (Valid 5 – 8 in a Middle School)

Emergency Certificate Teacher of Students Who are Gifted and Talented


Capital School District 2008 – present

§ Dean of Students

Resolve student discipline incidences in a fair and just manner per due process rights and progressive discipline strategies in a least restrictive way, devise and implement behavioral interventions using current research-based strategies such as restorative practices, consultant with parents, teachers, counselors, support personnel, community agencies in improving progressive discipline strategies sustaining a positive and safe school environment and continued District advancements

▪ Central Middle School, 7th Grade Math

Instruct students in Common Core Mathematical State Standards utilizing District objectives, NCTM teaching practices, and Learning-Focused concepts enabling student success; implement/update curriculum maps, create lesson plans for special education and gifted classes, organize student learning while maintaining classroom management, utilize numerous assessment methods; establish and maintain parental communications.

· Central Middle School Building Leadership, Instructional, and Crisis Teams member responsible for developing and implementing the School Success Planning Guide

· Capital School District’s Strategic Initiative Co-Labs Team Associate

· Capital School District’s Gifted and Talented Committee member

· Completed District’s 2014 and 2015 Aspiring Administrator programs

· Math department representative on the 2013 – 2015 District’ Math Curriculum cadre

· Representative on the District’s 2014 – 2015 Standards Based Grading evaluation committee

· Teacher representative on the District’s 2016 Five-year Strategic Planning Process

· Analyzed 2012 – 2016 student discipline and climate survey data resulting in adopted recommendations for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support and Tier 3 targeted student class creation

· State of Delaware Common Ground for Common Core Central Middle School math department representative

· State of Delaware Common Core in-Person Panel Achievement Level Threshold Level Setting Convening

· Central Middle School 7 Tan Team Leader

· Volleyball head coach, Math League Coordinator, and National Junior Honor Society Adviser

· Dover High School Varsity Softball Head Coach


▪ Woodbridge High School, Business Education

Instruct students in Introduction and Advance Accounting, Principles of Business, Macro/Micro-Economics, Financial Management, Business Ownership, Computer Software Applications, Business Law, Entrepreneurship, and Recordkeeping courses; Identify applicable course work and create curriculum maps and lesson plans while carrying out applicable student activities in support of learning.

· Served on the School Improvement Team

· Representative on the Delaware Business, Finance, and Marketing Education Curriculum Content Standards Team

· Varsity Soccer Team Assistant Coach


Over twenty years’ leadership and engineering experience in chemical, pharmaceutical/food, automotive assembly, and metal fabrication industries. People-oriented leader with diverse technical background. Sound administrative and analytical skills, especially in cross departmental teamwork. Analyzed engineering and maintenance data establishing processes maximizes resource efficiencies. High degree of commitment to a continuous learning environment.

· Managed and coordinated union/non-union members and contracting staff for engineering and maintenance activities meeting production goals while staying within established budgets.

· Responsible for developing million-dollar capital projects and budgetary finances projecting three-year future expenditures while staying within budgets, meeting installation time frames, and safely validating acceptance testing.

· Initiated documented training packages and educational programs formally qualifying personnel. Helped establish team concepts and ideology that empowers site employees with decision-making capabilities.

· Brought new automobile manufacturing facility on line. Trained personnel in operation, maintenance and troubleshooting equipment procedures. Engineered seat bonding process and modified supporting equipment saving over $50M annually.

· Engineered projects for batch reactors, product piping distribution, drying, and bagging ranging from $1M to $750M. Introduced new maintenance methods for equipment upkeep and coached personnel in implementing methods.