Gabriel Bailly

Flipped Learning Certified Educator

Gabriel Bailly

Vice Principal

I was born in Bilbao. I studied at the Gaztelueta school. I am graduated in Pharmacy (University of Navarra), Diploma in Magisterium (Complutense University of Madrid) and Bachelor of Theology (Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome). I worked for 15 years in the school Irabia (Pamplona). There, in addition to classes, I worked as Vice Principal and developed ICT Coordinator functions. In 2009 I moved to Logroño to work in the Alcaste school (headquarters Las Fuentes). At the moment, I am Vice Principal and ICT Coordinator of the school, and ICT Coordinator of the Educational Group COAS, to which my school belongs to. We have started a 1:1 iPad project in our 6 schools of the Group and I am in charge of it with other colleagues of the Group. We are very proud of our iPad project development since now and we are interested in teachers’ training to help them to use the device as a tool combined with different strategies to improve their teaching and the students learning.

I teach spanish language and religion to 4th of primary students. And Science in english to 3rd of primary students. I am ADE since 2011 and AT since 2013. I am in contact with different teachers interested in IT and education. Some of them are also Apple Distinguished educators os users.