Dr. Nihat Tavşan

Dr. Nihat Tavşan

Dr. Tavşan, following about two decades of practitioner and executive career, and earning Executive MBA degree, received his Ph.D. through his thesis on “Customer Experience Management”. He is the author of the book: “Customer Experience Management: How to Design, Integrate, Measure and Lead”, that has become rank #1 on amazon.com in “Customer Experience Management” topic, after the third week of its release.

By blending his practitioner background with state-of-the-art academic theory, he contributed to the formulation of –macro to micro– many corporate and business level strategic plans, as well as their executions.

In 2017, Dr. Tavşan – with Dr. Erdem– composed the curriculum of “Customer Experience Management” as a Bologna-accredited graduate level course and became the pioneering academician lecturing “Customer Experience Management” as a standalone MBA course.

He designs, analyzes research studies; develops advanced quantitative and qualitative methods, models and actionable deep algorithms serving to the CEM field. His major expertise areas are; Customer Experience Management, Consumer Behavior, Organizational Transformation, and Data Science.

Dr. Tavşan so far conducted a substantial number of projects in Customer Experience, Customer Retention, Segmentation, Brand Loyalty, Customer Satisfaction, Product&Service Innovation, and Organizational Transformation topics.