Announcing: The Flipped Learning Network

As Aaron and I have been all over training teachers we have come to the realization that the key to making flipped class movement grow is the need to train teachers in this new methodology.  We realize that we could go on the lecture-consulting circuit and become experts, but we realize that flipping is much bigger than the two of us.  We have always had the heart to simply help teachers do what is best for their students.  To that end we recently launched the Flipped Learning Network (http://flippedlearning.org), a nonprofit organization that has the vision and goals listed below. 

VIsion and goals of the Flipped Learning Network:

Vision:  Providing educators with the knowledge, skills, and resources to successfully implement Flipped Learning.


  • Provide professional learning opportunities on Flipped Learning.
  • Conduct, collaborate and disseminate relevant research on Flipped Learning.
  • Act as the clearinghouse disseminating best and promising practices for current and future flipped educators.

Already we have on board many of what we consider some of the best "flippers" in the country.  One is working to expand our flipped social network (at over 3700 educators from around the world), another who will be doing bi-monthly podcasts where he will interview flipped teachers, another focusing in on developing research methodologies, and others working on building a professional development model that will be effective and sustainable. 

One of the great strengths of the Flipped Learning movement is that it is education reform from the bottom up.  It started with teachers who are trying to do what was best for their students.  On the other hand:  one of the greatest weaknesses for systemic reform is that it was started by teachers.  There has been no vehicle to spread the word in an organized and systemic way.  Hence the need for the Flipped Learning Network.

We Need Your Help

Currently we are looking for sponsors and donors to make the Flipped Learning Network a force for positive change in the Education.  If you or your organization is interested in helping the Flipped Learning Network off the ground please contact Kari Arfstrom, executive director, at [email protected]

Key Players in the Flipped Learning Network

Aaron Sams:  Chair:  [email protected]

Ramsey Musallam, Ed.D.:  Vice Chair:  [email protected]

Jon Bergmann: Secretary/Treasurer:  [email protected]

Kari Arfstrom, Ph.D.:  Executive Director:  [email protected]



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